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What Others are Saying

Jennifer June

I did it! I bought a sander...and who could go wrong with a name like "Sand-Rite".

Yesterday, I did one last "Google" search...this time for "pneumatic drum", and I found "Sand-Rite".

I think it was "Sharon" who I talked to on the phone...she took a special trip to the warehouse for me to measure the height of the stand (37" from the floor to the sanding surface on the bottom of the drum). Normally their minimum order on the abrasive sleeves is ten of each size and grit, but I told her I didn't really know what I was doing, so she let me order just a couple. Phew.

Sand-Rite sells a bunch of differnt drum sizes and "coarser and finer grits are available on special order (prices on request)." I think I've given myself a large margin for error on this particular purchase.

I'm absolutely convinced that a pneumatic drum is a good move...the testimonials on the "Sand-Rite" website were from folks who made paddles, boomerangs, and duck decoys. What else is a cowboy boot or last, but a cross between a paddle, boomerang, and duck decoy?

Jennifer June


The Sand Rite sander with the pneumatic drum on one side and the B-12 on the other has become an absolutely invaluable tool in the production of my boomerangs. Colorado Boomerangs are considered by many around the world to be among the best, if not THE best, production boomerangs in the world. And if it weren’t for the Sand Rite tool, Colorado Boomerangs would not even exist. For speed and quality of work I have never seen any tool that comes close to the Sand Rite. It sands the boomerangs without changing the airfoils, and gives it a better than hand sanded finish.

From the unpainted blank stage to the completed stage, only the Sand Rite touches the boomerangs. It is a very large part of the reason that my company has grown from a hobby size operation to world wide sales.

Jim Mayfield

Gillespie Paddles

I just want to throw in a few quick words here regarding the use of the Sand-Rite equipment, specifically the pneumatic drums. I bought my basic machinery about 10 years ago, and it’s still with me, in use, everyday. Since a canoe paddle is basically a contoured instrument, it’s absolutely essential to have equipment that will not leave harsh edges when sanding, which of course flat, hard sanders will do. That’s great for boards, but not for paddles. I have a variety of drum sizes that I use for smaller and larger radius, as well as the flat of the blade surface.

Well, I don’t want to be too yappy here, but I highly recommend these drums for any contoured work. It’s a helluva lot easier and quicker.

Brad Gillespie


The pneumatic sanding drum was introduced to the decoy making business in the early 70’s. Since then it has become a permanent fixture in most decoy makers and bird carver shops.

It works very well in sanding the contours of the bodies and heads of the birds we carve. I have tried other abrasives from other companies but none hold up as good as Sand Rite’s. The pneumatic drums also hold up very well, with very low maintenance on them.

The service is fast and dependable. In our shop this sander is used every day and is unreplaceable.

Captain Bobs Decoys

Brodin Landing Nets

We use Sand-Rite inflatable sanders for all of our finishing sanding in the production of our wooden frame landing nets. For products which have convex and concave surfaces such as our nets, inflatable sanders are the best tool for producing an excellent finish in the least amount of time. Without them, our business would not be profitable!

We have been pleased with the performance of the Sand-Rites. They are well balanced and always run true. I have used others that wobble slightly on their axis, and I can assure you that that is very hard on hands and arms.

Christer Brodin


Sand-Rite Manufacturing Co.
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